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CAREDIAL   because we care.

A platform created and run by personal assistants carers,  CareDial has the carers' and service user best interests at heart. We understand your world and are always at your side. 

About CareDial

The Care Dial is a platform that makes connecting health care service users and personal care assistants as easy as never before, whilst empowering the PA's to take greater control of their time and earnings.
We believe that hard work should be recognised and fairly rewarded in line with your experience. 
This is why we focus on your personal development. New skills mean better pay, and you can also make a positive impact on the health care profession along the way. 
Coming soon
Launching July 2021, The Care Dial is currently building a multi-functional platform with numerous and unique additional benefits to the Personal Assistant Carer (PAC) and Service user.  Pre-register now to join us on this new journey and explore a better option with us:

Caredial  for carers 




0% Commission to pay

CareDial is runned by Independent Personal Assistant Carers (IPAC) like yourself.  This means more money for you to take home
No more 11 - 15 %  agency invoice commission to pay. 

 Your Business, you are in charge

Care Dial supports you to be independent and fully in charge of your work-life balance.

Pick the hours that suit you and your private life. Your clients, your contract, your pay.


Caredial  I need care




Affordable care with your budget

Picking a qualified, vetted and experienced Personal Assistant Carer don't have to cost a fortune. With Care Dial, you have a pool of qualified Personal Assistant Carer with availability to fit your budget.

We do CARE, helping you achieve more

CareDial wants to go beyond the traditional model of just connecting you with a vetted qualified Personal Assistant Carer. We believe you can achieve more, so our support is centred around what you're able to do rather than your limitations. . 


Telephone. 01296 296642

Email. hello@caredial.co.uk

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