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Trust and dignity

Receiving and giving care relies on trust, respect and dignity. At CareDial it is our aim to connect compassionate, kind individuals. Care receivers and caregivers alike will be able to put their trust in this platform with the knowledge that their integrity is of the utmost importance. 

Committed to improving care

We think that the more control caregivers have over their personal career growth, the better the quality of care. By providing a service which allows professionals to define their own workload, we are committing to a future of happier and more fulfilled caregivers. 

Supporting care through digital 


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Teamwork in the care sector

By uniting carers and care receivers on one convenient platform, we aim to build long-lasting working relationships and friendships. Over time a strong community based around teamwork and support will be born. 

We're hiring


CareDial is a growing platform and is constantly looking for brilliant people from different work background to join the team.  We have job openings from time to time you can apply for or you can approach us, we are very open, tell us what skills you can bring to CareDial.    

Here at CareDial our prevailing aim is to give back to caregivers and those in need of care by offering a service which promotes flexibility, autonomy and collaboration. 


After years of experience in this sector, we have gained great insight into what people need, and with this in mind, we endeavour to make it easier for carers and people seeking their services to form trustworthy and fulfilling working relationships.


Through our service, carers can gain autonomy over their hours and the money they earn, while people seeking care can benefit from connecting with trustworthy and dependable caregivers - a win-win!


We want to be the leading connectivity platform for home care support; we think that everybody deserves autonomy over their health care and their career trajectory. 

About Us

CareDial is runned by both volunteers and full time employees. We welcome  working with various people with different skills who can assist make a difference in the healthcare industry.

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